Intervention, Symposium inter-universitaire UC Riverside - Tohoku University

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Homeless people social movement in Japan and

the new dynamic of civil society in Japan

 Symposium inter-universitaire UC Riverside - Tohoku University,

Université du Tohoku (Sendai, Japon), 19-20 novembre 2010.




Le programme :



UC Riverside-Tohoku Joint Symposium


Date: 2010.11.19-20

Venue: Tohoku University, Kawauchi Campus, Global COE Meeting Room



Day One (Nov. 19)



Opening remarks

Yoshimichi Sato, Distinguished Professor, Director of the Center for the Study of Social Stratification and Inequality (CSSI), Tohoku University

Anil B. Deolalikar, Professor of Economics and Associate Dean of Social Sciences, University of California Riverside



Labor market, risk and inequality

(moderator: Hiroshi Hamada, Associate Professor, Tohoku University)


Jun Imai, Assistant Professor of the CSSI

Yusuke Hayashi, Research Associate of Behavioral Science

“Employment deregulation and increasing fragmentation of workers’ career in Japan”


Yoshimichi Sato, Distinguished Professor of Behavioral Science, Director of the CSSI

“New middle class at risk in Japan?”


Jae-Woo Kim, Post-doctoral Research Associate of the CSSI

Yoshimichi Sato, Professor of Behavioral Science, Director of the CSSI

“Trust, Inequality, and Market Dynamics: A Mathematical and Computational Study”



Lunch break



Education and inequality

(moderator: Makiko Nakamuro, Assistant Professor, Tohoku University)


Hiroshi Hamada, Associate Professor of Behavioral Science

“A distribution function model of class differentials in educational attainment”


Robert Ream, Associate Professor of Education

“Trust Matters: Distinction and Diversity in Undergraduate Science Education in the United States”


Kevin Esterling, Associate Professor of Political Science

“Deliberative Democracy and Knowledge Inequality in the United States”



Coffee break



Peripheral labor markets and social justice

(moderator: Jae-Woo Kim, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Tohoku University)


David-Antoine Malinas, Post-doctoral Research Associate of the CSSI, Assistant Professor of the IAREO

“Homeless people social movement in Japan and the new dynamic of civil society in Japan”


Todd Sorensen, Assistant Professor of Economics

“Policy and the Earnings of Marginalized Workers in the United States: Evidence from an Amnesty for Undocumented Workers”


Georgia Warnke, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Associate Dean of Arts and Humanities

“Recognition, Equality, and Interpretive Integrity”




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